Monday, March 17, 2008


It's been a big week and it's Monday. Can you appreciate this?

I've been back working on Le Book for several days now and all I can say is that I've begun to feel I'm looking through the wrong end of a telescope. Things seem to be as far away as I imagined.

It's not as drastic as all that, mind you I've a certain flair for the dramatic. Irrepressible me.

The pages are falling like leaves and igniting as the drop. Lovely to behold. It's a shame really, that what I do is so solitary and distinctly un-festive. That's where the new "Working" blog will come into play: a place for me to celebrate my isolation while I work. A bit more patience and suddenly it will bloom like poppies in the spring.

A new thing has cropped up the last few weeks that DOES concern me though. My eyesight seems to be falling a bit further back into unfocused than I'd like. Time for another loathsome eye exam. Bugger.

I have more or less figured that if I had the funds available, I could finish the book by mid July, instead of mid September. Send money.

Ah, well, worth a try eh?


“Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment.”


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