Tuesday, March 4, 2008


There are some changes coming here.

The first one will be content in the "bio" section. Hopefully it won't be to much of greatest thing since toast kind of thing. I feel a bit reticent about doing it at all, but I have to step back and realize that not everyone who comes here knows me. So, I suppose it's a reasonable thing to do. I've almost always felt that the work speaks far better than I do, and since this self-same work is the reason I have this place at all I'll just have to live with it. Oh, I hear the cynical sniggers now.

Trust me, I fully believe the work is special, not me. Or not, as you will, as I'm not in the business of making up peoples minds about anything. I just make up things.

The next section will be the banishing of the "eBay sales" section. It takes up space, I never sell anything from there, and frankly I'm rather tired of being low balled on the auctions my dear Fhionn runs for me. I'm going with a reputable private auction house that will treat my work better and help me get along better with the lovely folks I owe to much money to. In it's place will be a second blog solely devoted to my work, rather than my ramblings, including lots of talk about why, how and the reasons I do this stuff. Along with as many working photos as I can manage to illuminate the process of making something. Of course, right now I'll be focusing on The Fracture of the Universal Boy. I know, you all are just sick to death about hearing of it and want it now. But, the effort of doing this book without a safety net and trying to survive in the mean time, ( and i DO mean, well, "mean".) is something I'd not wish on anyone.

So, for now, that's all I can say. I am however back to work with a vengeance, having produces two new Unknown Dervish pieces, and am currently working on a piece for the local hospital, who were kind enough to waive part of a rather alarming medical bill in exchange for a small painting. Try that at Boston General sometime. There are certain perks to living in the middle of nowhere. Maybe I'll post it, maybe you'll just have to get sick and hospitalized out here to see it.


I'll be back on "the book" full time in about a week or so. Thank God I'm not on deadlines anymore is all I can say. But gosharoony I want this thing done. Soon, I hope.

After all, I've got another one at the starting gate. Anybody seen a windmill here'a bouts?



Jalaladin Rumi.

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