Monday, February 11, 2008


weeds in my cuffs
turning quickly carmine and emerald
leather coat covered in dust
sky horizon a line of trees mostly pine.
the distance narrowing
a dog fight in my peripheral vision i turn away in sadness
vast wings catch the last light golden and tenuious
rocks in a field
a dead tree over a stream
old ghosts crying by a river
moss on bricks
looking up waiting
looking down because
the sheen on a wild ducks head
blue lights in the bathroom
a sacred robe
strange music barely heard
nexus point
the sound of dry leaves in the wind
praying for an answer
the veil between places
winding a clock
acsending the stairs
a blue scarf
freeform exactly wrong
sudden memories of forgotten faces
kneeling and surrounded by beautiful dogs
the winter revelation of a long gone dawn
pink and grey and white and blue
times like these
how do i know this
faces in the trees
coins in my pocket
revelations happen
not being blind


This started as a random memory of a song long forgotten. I spent the morning looking for it online, the only result was this:
It made me cry the first time i heard it. Oh the "persistance of memories".
sometimes I pray for amnesia. I suspect all sane people do from time to time.

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