Monday, February 4, 2008


Several months ago, just when the new site went live, I mentioned that my signiture was changeing after the first. It has. Now, and for the forseeable future it will be just "ZED". As in nada, zip, nemo, zilch, zero. Take it as a symbol. One where "I","ME", and "MYSELF" is not the important thing, what the work is, is what matters. It was just to, well, flashy. I seek in some way to remove myself as a barrier to perception while still giving in to the demands of the notion of art as professional commodity. Which, like it or not, it is. The idea that somehow the world will just freely give me enough to survive and prosper, even a bit, ain't happening dear friends. In fact, it barely is now.

I hope to change this in a few months, as I've pretty much agreed to sell my work at a highly professional auction house, where I'll cease the endless charade of eBay. When this happens, I'll be sure to set up a page here so those interested may join in the mayhem.
Ok, now that I've reminded you all of the siginture change, let me just say, that if anyone sends me old tradeing cards or whatnot and would prefere the old monogram, I'll be pleased to sign it this way, but, there will be a dash through the center so that one will know that it was signed after 2007.

Also, just to reinforce what I've made known to those wanting commisioned work, they will all start at six hundred dollars U.S. NO exceptions. They just cut into working time far to much.

Oh, still looking for the right agent. I had a tip for two different ones today, and after looking into them, alas, I had to scrap them both as unsuitable in my mind to represent, and or, sell my work.
You'd think, right?

That's it for now....sorta.
I'm also becomeing tempted by myspace. I'd like to know if any of you would enjoy that? I'm divided as of now. Something about the place just gives me the heebie jeebies. It may have something to do with diginity. Let me know ok?

All for now,
Be well and kind.


ps: the illustraion is a Khnopff litho I own, bought it in the good old days when I didn't have to choose between heat or food.


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