Thursday, January 31, 2008


The oppessive cold continues to harrass me into stasis. Ask a circus juggeler to do his act while his hands are tied.
I have twenty pages of pencils to ink sitting in limbo while I reach out from pugatory. Never the twain shall meet.
I sit and wonder if the puplic at large will even see the finished thing as I see it done and real.
I feel like I've been type cast in the wrong movie. Second billing to myself.

Right now I have to pack a bunch of eBay stuff that's late as hell due to illness, business, lack of materials and general malise on my part. So, to those of you who have waited for the items you purchased, please try and understand. No excuse only some reasons.

Right now, I'd like to be at Neils kitchen table and have the time to just talk to an old friend. Both talking and friends seem so difficult to find these days.

Go rent "The Kingdom", if you havn't seen it yet. A film with a deep and glowing heart disguised as an action flick. I nearly wept. The sound track is amazeing.

Where is my teacher, I have so much to say. So little time.

Be safe you dareing adventurers, don't fall.


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