Monday, January 21, 2008



I've got one and it is. Cold. Really cold. So cold the minimal heat at the studio is wholly inadequate So, having a cold, I'm not working. That is until the cold lets up a bit and my poor wee heater has a fighting chance. Of course my cold has to go as well. It's all so zen. *cough cough weeze weeze*

So. As one sits sleeps and dribbles, we have no choice but to dream of things to amuse ourselves.

Recently discovered Norwegian painter Frits Thaulow is right at the top of my list. If you've availed yourself to some of the links on my "Destinations" page you may have tried the "Lines and Colors" site. I've got the link here: . I would highly recommend that anyone with more than a passing interest in very fine turn of the century landscape go there and enjoy yourselves. Comics have never been all I was about, in fact it's my opinion that the best comics are never just comics. They draw on a vast history of art and artists. Not as some would have it just some sad ironic pastiche with a wink and a nudge, but in a vital creative way. Thaulow's work is astonishing in it's honesty, and affection of time and place. His pallet is one of the most delicate and sensitive to subject. His evocation of time, place, light and air opens a window on the mind and one feels like exploring through the window he opens. If you've a mind to and think you would enjoy something like this, please give it a go.

On another front, I had the chance a few days ago to pick up the DVD of "A Mighty Heart". I was deeply moved and for your basic "closed room" picture, ( at least half the film is shot in only several rooms) the subject was handled with extreme grace, simplicity and humanity. No teens being naughty or cgi monsters anywhere. What a relief, as one gets so very tired of that sometimes. After all, truth is far stranger than any fiction.

Well, that's it my friends, I must go dribble fuss and bitch about the nature of virus's and microbes in general.

Please pray for peace and tolerance. Somebodies gotta do it.



Dragon said...

Thaulow's work is beautiful. Nice to relect on a better time. JD

EggGod said...

1)Hi Michael. A big fan for years now!

2) Check out the movie "Once".