Saturday, January 12, 2008

Glamor with a "U" and Dave with a "D".

As many of you may know, when Stephen and I were just wee, sad little hopefuls back in the days of yore, it was Dave Sim who said, Yes" to us and proceeded to throw us off the deep end into the world of comics. Sink or swim gentlemen and nothing less will do. Let me state for the record the learning curve was unfuckingbelievable. I still got me some serious whiplash. But a better mentor/ friend in this business I've never had. Honest to a fault, compassionate without a trace of pity, he gave us the room to do just as our vision dictated, rarely if ever pulling rank. And then, only suggesting rather than dictating.

I have utterly no hesitation whatsoever in saying out loud and in public that Dave is in my opinion one of the few true originals to ever grace a comics page. Month after month to watch him work was a truely awesome sight. A satirist of the first water, a draftsman of uncanny invention he alternately had me on the floor with laughter and in tears of agony. Ok, you say, I'm just kissing the arse of a lunatic. Sorry mate, just the truth. This artist kisses nobodies arse, ever. Please bear this in mind: I don't necessarily believe everything Neil Gaiman believes, I don't necessarily believe everything Alan Moore believes, I don't necessarily believe what Barry Windsor-Smith believes, I don't necessarily believe everything Stephen Murphy believes, And I don't believe what anyone else believes about Dave. I have my own beliefs. Mine. Tough.

To me Dave will always have my respect and what friendship I have to offer anyone at this time of my life. Again: tough. I believes in those what believes in me.

Now, After finishing a run of monthly books that is unequaled in depth and craftsmanship in a single arch of creativity that I hazard to guess will stand untouched or even challenged seriously for a very, very long time, he's back.

And I'm for one, thrilled. The "Glamour puss" campaign is just amazing to behold. Buy it, no, demand it. I insist. Try something new. With the sad tragic demise of BWS Storyteller, I for one am looking forward to having my socks blown stylishly off. I'm looking forward to a full fat, full sugar, utterly decadent delight that tastes as good coming up as it did going down. " Michael laughs to himself at the clever fashionista tagline the gorgeous Fhionn came up with last evening."

On the home front, WE are mildly impressed by "Black Swan Lane" who's debut album is out now, try the omni-present my space page for samples. Also, "THE BOOK" has hit a hundred and fifty pages, so I'm resting my frizzled mind for a few days. I ain't twenty-five no 'mo.

I'm still looking for a Murshid that can handle my stubborn, unfocused, semi-crazed self. Hey, one can dream.

Peace you guys,


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