Monday, December 10, 2007

The horrible holiday post

Ok, I'm a brainwashed American idiot. So, here's the aweful Christmas list if any of you big spenders wanna slip me a gift. No? Didn't think so. I can't get you anything but sell art cheap.

Hey, at least I try.

1. A Murshid that wants to deal with my cracked head.

2.A letterer that will work for free and put up with my cracked head.

3.A copy of "Mahler" by Ken Russell staring Robert Powell.

4. A graphite Bose wave CD/radio. Used will do nicely.

5. Everybody to just calm the fuck down and breath.

I'm fully aware how shallow this is.....but hey, it's Christmas. Oh, promise I won't return anything and buy and ipod or something.

Peace baby,


Oops! almost forgot! silly me. the photo is a new piece : "The Unknown Dervish #5, oblivion and gratitude." I should have it in the gallery for all you to steal shortly.



Matthew Kriske said...

Would a VHS copy of the movie be acceptable?

If so, I'd like to get it for you.

Debaser said...

Mahler? Not sure if I told you this story when we were over in summer, but that film scared the bejezuz out of me when I was about 9.

Big sis was baby sitting and it was on tv (might have been clips and extracts I can't really recall) and her and her boyfriend and their mate were watching it and I was being a brat and refusing to go to bed. There's a bit when Mahler is in his coffin with his wife dancing on tp of it (and I'm not convinced she was wearing knickers - it is Russell after all)it then slowly travels into the fiery furnace with him still alive and grimacing and gurning like a body just about to be burned alive would. The final scene was an open little box full of dust and two eyeballs on top.

I couldn't sleep for weeks and it STILL un-nerves me now. I'm demanding a bell and a string into my coffin JUST IN CASE!!!!!!!

Love to you and Brown's Valley