Thursday, November 22, 2007


On this day, one we set aside here in the west to give thanks, I'd like to send these thoughts out to a few people.

My love and profound thanks to, Karen for everything. I mean everything. I doubt I'd be here to write this if not for her. To Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Smith. To B.W.S. To the Gaiman family. To Mr. Dave Sim. To the Murphy family. To the Teves family. To Jennifer. To Mr. and Mrs. David White and "the wee whites." To Mr. Ryan Graff. To Mike from Ben's Service. To the Johnson family. To the great Pileated woodpecker that brightened my morning. To the seeds and trees that lay sleeping, and the river that runs through my yard. To my sister and brother and to all they love. And to the vast blue sky over my head. To Mr. Windsor and Mr. Newton, thanks guys.

And to the Eternal Beloved who sits silently in my heart, waiting for the day when i forget myself.

Oh, you dervishes

May wild birds nest in your hair

and dogs walk laughing at your heels

May the winds bring you the fragrances of roses and

may the sun and the rain reveal themselves both to be

the truth.

All my love,


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m. said...

And thanks be to you, too.